For this project, I was tasked with developing and introducing an updated and refreshed brand guideline that accurately represents the business and seamlessly captures the brands story. This project involved upgrading the brands logo and color palette, establishing an official brand typography and font, and developing a social media content plan with an emphasis on increasing post interactions and page followings.


Like any project, this one had it’s own set of challenges. In the design stage of enhancing the brands color palette, I struggled with utilizing all of the colors the client requested. Nonetheless, the final color palette included six color swatches, and each color was able to be used in various ways without becoming visual overload.

The fact that there was no official brand typography prior to this project made it challenging in deducing down to the exact font style the client was seeking. On the contrary, this also worked in my favor because the client was not fixed on a particular font style, allowing room for more creative control. 


After working on the details for a while, an official color palette was established, which lead to the completion of this project. We were able to illustrate the brands story through a colorful and clean brand guidebook. Along with upgrading the brands color usage, a refreshed logo was proposed with example logo applications, including business cards, t-shirts, and signage. 

A social media content calendar was produced to serve as a guideline for social media post scheduling.